AIMC 2023

Proceedings bulk download:

Oded Ben-Tal and David Dolan. Musical and Meta-Musical Conversations

Ezra Pierce, Victor Shepardson, Jack Armitage, and Thor Magnusson. Bela-IREE: An Approach to Embedded Machine Learning for Real-Time Music Interaction

Georgios Diapoulis. Liveness and machine listening in musical live coding: A conceptual framework for designing agent-based systems

Damian Dziwis. Revisiting Reynolds - Autonomous Agents for Spatial Audiovisual Composition and Performances

Kelsey Cotton and Kıvanç Tatar. Caring Trouble and Musical AI: Considerations towards a Feminist Musical AI

Laura Cros Vila and Bob L. T. Sturm. Statistical evaluation of abc-formatted music at the levels of items and corpora

Roisin Loughran. Risks and Opportunities from Artificial Creativity

Jorge Forero, Gilberto Bernardes, and Mónica Mendes. Are words enough? On the semantic conditioning of affective music generation

Koray Tahiroğlu, Shenran Wang, Eduard Mihai Tampu, and Jackie Lin. Deep Learning with Audio: An Explorative Syllabus for Music Composition and Production

Sihwa Park. YouTube Mirror: An Interactive Audiovisual Installation based on Cross-Modal Generative Modeling

Philon Nguyen and Eldad Tsabary. The Phenomenology of Deconstructivist Aesthetics in Music: An Autoethnography of Errors, Erasures, Permutations, Discontinuities, Paradoxes and Artificial Intelligences

Robert Laidlow. Silicon for Orchestra and Artificial Intelligence

Lucy Strauss and Matthew Yee-King. Extensible Embodied Knowledge: Bridging Performance Practice and Intelligent Performance System Design

Maziar Kanani, Sean O’Leary, and James McDermott. Parsing Musical Structureto Enable Meaningful Variations

Craig Vear, Steve Benford, Juan Martinez Avila, and Solomiya Moroz. Human-AI Musicking: A Framework for Designing AI for Music Co-creativity

Oliver Bown. Music AI’s Potential Impact: Scoping the terms of the debate about value

Behzad Haki, Julian Lenz, and Sergi Jorda. NeuralMidiFx: A Wrapper Template for Deploying Neural Networks as VST3 Plugins

Bob L. T. Sturm. The Ai Music Generation Challenge 2022: Summary and Results

Torin Hopkins, Alvin Jude, Greg Phillips, and Ellen Yi-Luen Do. Virtual AI Jam: AI-Driven Virtual Musicians for Human-in-the-Loop Musical Improvisation

Nádia Carvalho and Gilberto Bernardes. Exploring Latent Spaces of Tonal Music using Variational Autoencoders

Vishwaas Narasinh and Senthil Raja. Sequential Pitch Distributions for Raga Detection

Thor Magnusson. The A in AIMC

Alexandros Drymonitis. [neuralnet]: A Pure Data External for the Creation of Neural Networks Written in Pure C