AIMC 2021

Proceedings bulk download:

Seyed Mojtaba Karbasi, Halvor Sogn Haug, Mia-Katrin Kvalsund, Michael Joseph Krzyzaniak and Jim Torresen. A Generative Model for Creating Musical Rhythms With Deep Reinforcement Learning

Koray Tahiroğlu, Miranda Kastemaa and Oskar Koli. GANSpaceSynth: A Hybrid Generative Adversarial Network Architecture for Organising the Latent Space using a Dimensionality Reduction for Real-Time Audio Synthesis

Matthew Yee King and Louis McCallum. Studio report: sound synthesis with DDSP and network bending techniques

Gordan Kreković and Antonio Pošćić. Data-Driven Generative Live Coding for Music Creation

Bob Sturm. An Artificial Critic of Irish Double Jigs

Sebastian Trump. Musical Cyborgs: Human-Machine Contact Spaces for Creative Musical Interaction

Dimitrios Smailis, Anastasia Georgaki and Areti Andreopoulou. Evaluation of ML music generators in real-time jazz improvisation: a performer’s perspective

Jérôme Nika and Jean Bresson. Composing Structured Music Generation Processes with Creative Agents

Rujing Huang and Bob Sturm. Reframing “Aura”: Authenticity in the Application of Ai to Irish Traditional Music

Sebastian Trump, Ismael Agchar, Ilja Baumann, Franziska Braun, Korbinian Riedhammer, Lea Siemandel and Martin Ullrich. Spirio Sessions: Experiments in Human-Machine Improvisation with a Digital Player Piano

Adam Oudad, Taketo Akama and Hiroaki Saito. Musical Duet Generation with Tree-Structured Variational Autoencoder

Conan Lu and Shlomo Dubnov. ChordGAN: Symbolic Music Style Transfer with Chroma Feature Extraction

Buket Yenidogan. How to Talk About AI Art and Music: An Onto-ethico-epistemological Debate Between Transhumanism and Posthumanism

David Kant. Measuring Infinity: Autonomy in David Dunn’s Thresholds and Fragile States

Jack Walker. Tasteful DSP: How Can Compositional Desires be Embedded into Live Electronics Systems?

Sam Pluta. Multi-Mapped Neural Networks for Control of High Dimensional Synthesis Systems

Fernando Egido. Artificial Computational Creativity techniques based on Collaborative intelligence in Music

Norah Lorway, Ed Powley and Arthur Wilson. Autopia: An AI collaborator for live networked computer music performance

Alexandros Drymonitis and Nicoleta Chatzopoulou. Data Mining / Live Scoring – A Live Performance of a Computer-Aided Composition Based on Twitter

Daniel Bisig and Kıvanç Tatar. Raw Music from Free Movements: Early Experiments in Using Machine Learning to Create Raw Audio from Dance Movements

Higor Camporez, Jair Silva, Leandro Costalonga and Helder Rocha. Mechanical Delay Compensation and Synchronization for Robotic Musicians Using Neural Networks

Chris Kiefer. Stochastic Optimisation of Lookup Table Networks, for Realtime Inference on Embedded Systems

Donya Quick, Chris Kim and David Burke. MUSICA: Musical Interactive Collaborative Agent

Keon J. Lee, George Tzanetakis and Philippe Pasquier. Computer Evaluation Of Musical Timbre Transfer On Drum Tracks

Alberto Carretero. Parallel lives, composing bio-inspired ensemble music by means of AI

Guilherme Coelho. DDSP études for Tenor Saxophone & Violin

Damian T. Dziwis and Christoph Pörschmann. The Cargo Cult: Real Time AI Live Coding using Evolutionary Algorithms