MUME 2019

Proceedings bulk download:

Thomas Studley, Jon Drummond, Nathan Scott. Exploring Competitive Musical Creativity in Digital Composition Games

Liam Bray, Benjamin Carey, Oliver Bown. Modular Structure: Observations on Managing Compositional Algorithms

Renaud Bougueng Tchemeube, Jeff Ens, Philippe Pasquier. Apollo: An Interactive Web Environment for Generating Symbolic Musical Phrases using Corpus-based Style Imitation

Benjamin Genchel, Ashis Pati, Alexander Lerch. Explicitly Conditioned Melody Generation: A Case Study with Interdependent RNNs

Shlomo Dubnov. Query-based Deep Improvisation

Adam Roberts, Jesse Engel, Yotam Mann, Jon Gillick, Claire Kayacik, Signe Nørly, Monica Dinculescu, Carey Radebaugh, Curtis Hawthorne, Douglas Eck. Magenta Studio: Augmenting Creativity with Deep Learning in Ableton Live

Stefano Kalonaris, Toby Gifford, Andrew Brown. Computational Aesthetics and Music: the Ugly, the Small and the Boring

Andreas Adolfsson, Jonathan Bernal, Margareta Ackerman, Julia Scott. Musical Mandala Mindfulness: A Generative Biofeedback Experience