MUME 2018

Proceedings bulk download:

Doug Van Nort. Genetically Sonified Organisms: Environmental Listening/Sounding Agents

Cj Carr, Zack Zukowski. Generating Albums with SampleRNN to Imitate Metal, Rock, and Punk Bands

Bob Sturm. What do these 5,599,881 parameters mean? An analysis of a specific LSTM music transcription model, starting with the 70,281 parameters of the softmax layer

Lonce Wyse. Real-valued parametric conditioning of an RNN for interactive sound synthesis

Artemi-Maria Gioti. Neurons: An Interactive Composition Using a Neural Network for Recognition of Playing Techniques

Rachel Manzelli, Vijay Thakkar, Ali Siahkamari, Brian Kulis. An End to End Model for Automatic Music Generation: Combining Deep Raw and Symbolic Audio Networks

Nicholas Trieu, Robert Keller — BEST PAPER AWARD. JazzGAN: Improvising with Generative Adversarial Networks

Marcelo Gimenes. Experiments on collective decision-making and musical metacreative performances with audience participation

Jay Hardesty. Navigating Outcomes of Rhythmic Anticipation

Paul Bodily, Dan Ventura. Comparative Analysis of Key Inference Models for Musical Metacreation

Jean Bresson, Paul Best, Diemo Schwarz, Alireza Farhang. From Motion to Musical Gesture: Experiments with Machine Learning in Computer-Aided Composition

Prashanth Ravikumar, Kevin McGee, Lonce Wyse. Back to the experiences: Empirically grounding the development of musical co-creative partners in co-experiences

Marinos Koutsomichalis, Björn Gambäck. Algorithmic Audio Mashups and Synthetic Soundscapes Employing Evolvable Media Repositories

Gus G. Xia, Shuqi Dai. Music Style Transfer: A Position Paper

Paul Bodily, Dan Ventura. Musical Metacreation: Past, Present, and Future

Víctor Padilla, Manuel Tizón, Francisco Gómez, Manuel Espigares, Edith Alonso. Towards an Automatic Detection of Rhetorical Patterns in the Renaissance Polyphonic Music