MUME 2016

Proceedings bulk download:

Arne Eigenfeldt. Musebots at One Year: A Review

Roisin Loughran, Michael O’Neill. The Popular Critic: Evolving Melodies with Popularity Driven Fitness

Sebastian Trump. The evolution of sound cells. Pivot point for the analysis and creation of musical improvisation

Shawn Bell, Liane Gabora. A Music-generating System Inspired by the Science of Complex Adaptive Systems

Adam Wilson. factorOracle: an Extensible Max External for Investigating Applications of the Factor Oracle Automaton in Real-Time Music Improvisation

Jaime Arias, Myriam Desainte-Catherine, Shlomo Dubnov. Automatic Construction of Interactive Machine Improvisation Scenarios from Audio Recordings

Andrew Brown. Ripples: A human-machine musical duet

Takeshi Hori, Kazuyuki Nakamura, Shigeki Sagayama. Computational Model of Jam Session From Statistical Analysis of Music Rendering Features

Dekai Wu. Learning Musical Creativity via Stochastic Transduction Grammars: Combination, Exploration and Transformation

Zachary Kondak, Mikayla Konst, Carli Lessard, David Siah, Robert Keller. Active Trading with Impro-Visor

Ryan Groves. Towards the Generation of Melodic Structure

A Angela Coelho, Pedro Martins, Fern, o Amílcar Cardoso. Musical Sonification of the Portuguese Epopee

Jay Hardesty. Building blocks of rhythmic expectation

Victor Shepardson. Audiovisual Synthesis with ABSTRACT/CONCRETE

Balazs Krich. Creating an image and animation based body for associative music visualization in the browser

Haizi Yu, Lav Varshney, Guy Garnett, Ranjitha Kumar. MUS-ROVER: A Self-Learning System for Musical Compositional Rules

Ana Rodrigues, Amílcar Cardoso, Penousal Machado. Harmonic Constellation: An Audiovisual Environment of Living Organisms

Cárthach Ó Nuanáin, Sergi Jordà, Perfecto Herrera. Towards User-Tailored Creative Applications of Concatenative Synthesis in Electronic Dance Music

Andrew Lambert, Tillman Weyde, Newton Armstrong. Metrical Flux: Towards Rhythm Generation in Continuous Time

Daniel Gómez-Marín, Sergi Jordà, Perfecto Herrera. Rhythm Spaces