MUME 2012

Proceedings bulk download:

Andrew Brown. Creative Partnerships with Technology: How creativity is enhanced through interactions with generative computational systems

Ritwik Banerji. Maxine’s Turing Test – A Player-Program as Co-Ethnographer of Socio-Aesthetic Interaction in Improvised Music

Benjamin Smith, Guy Garnett. Improvising Musical Structure with Hierarchical Neural Nets

Mauricio Rodriguez. ‘Xa-lan’: Algorithmic Generation of Expressive Music Scores Based on Signal Analysis and Graphical Transformations

Oliver Bown, Aengus Martin. Autonomy in Music-Generating Systems

Skyler Murray, Dan Ventura. Algorithmically Flexible Style Composition Through Multi-Objective Fitness Functions

Arne Eigenfeldt. Embracing the Bias of the Machine: Exploring Non-Human Fitness Functions

Shlomo Dubnov, Gerard Assayag. Music Design with Audio Oracle using Information Rate

Henrik Ekeus, Samer Abdallah, Mark Plumbley, Peter W. McOwan. The Melody Triangle: Exploring Pattern and Predictability in Music

Dale Parson. Quantum Composition and Improvisation

Paul A. Szerlip, Amy K. Hoover, Kenneth O. Stanley. A Computer-Assisted Approach to Composing with MaestroGenesis

Mika Kuuskankare. Meta-Score, a Novel PWGL Editor Designed for the Structural, Temporal, and Procedural Description of a Musical Composition

Tom Collins, Christian Coulon. FreshJam: Suggesting Continuations of Melodic Fragments in a Specific Style

Georg Boenn, Martin Brain, Marina De Vos, John Ffitch. Computational Music Theory

Eliot H, elman, Andie Sigler, David Donna. Automatic Orchestration for Automatic Composition

Daniel Brown. Mezzo: An Adaptive, Real-Time Composition Program for Game Soundtracks